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Our Best Quality Cannaboy's Stix

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Full Spectrum Organix


Our Best Quality Shower Gel/ Body Wash

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Full Spectrum Organix


Our Best Quality Canna Anna's Gummies


"Officially founded in 2016, Full Spectrum Organix drives to provide the world with a truly unique experience that can only be found here, and nowhere else in the hemp industry.
Our mission and promise to you is to produce and provide organically sustainable, vegan, full plant remedies that will improve and enhance your chosen lifestyle.
Creating new ways to inspire the world to live a cruelty-free and environmentally conscious life is one of our proudest passions!..."

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Moods are everything. Here at Full Spectrum Organix, Canna Anna's and Cannaboy's - we understand this. We may not always know what we need, but always know how we feel. So, we went ahead and developed our unique Moods system. You can now better find what you need, just by following your feelings. Check out some of our moods!

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Our impact on the planet

  • Lab-tested for potency

    We test in our partner labs and reputable third party testing for potency and purity, so you know exactly what you are buying.

  • No Waste

    At day's end, we donate all perishables to local organizations and we offer $1 dollar off in store when returning empty containers.

  • Local agriculture

    All the produce we use is always sourced locally first.

  • 100% organic & vegan grown hemp

    When ever organic options are available, that's what we choose, always.

  • No pesticides

    The farms and orchards we work with are clean-growing and sustainable.

  • Green logistics

    From seed to sale, we track where our CBD comes from and where it's going.

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