Canna Anna’s.

Who are we?

Canna-Anna’s was officially founded in 2016. Our mission is to bring the world 100% vegan plant-based, organic, cruelty-free and environmentally conscious Full Spectrum hemp products, so we can help you take better care of yourself while we better care for our planet together.

What do we do?

Our inspiration comes from the garden and in the kitchen. We combine the powerful and potent health properties of Full Spectrum cannabinoids with 100% plant-based, vegan, and organic ingredients to give you the tastiest options ever to consuming hemp-based goodies. Gummies, Tea's, Coffee's, baked goods, raw treats, "honey", confitures (jams), and more. Our gummies are the real deal, they taste great and hit strong. Enjoy any time you have a sweet tooth! Our tea's & coffee's? We have by far some of the best tea's and coffee's. Ever. Made. Really. The combination of flavors, scents, and effects make us truly an unbeatable experience. Try sweetening that experience with our "honey"! In our bakery, you'll find chocolate chip cookies, double fudge brownies, Peanut butter cups, “not twix” and “not snickers” you name it, we make it! Enjoy with any one of our confitures! The various benefits of our Canna Anna's Edibles are incredibly effective at relieving anxiety, pain, inflammation, improving sleep, mental clarity and focus. Enjoy our whole selection of goodies any time of day or night.