Who are we?

Officially founded in 2016 by cannabis connoisseur and holistic health aficionado, our mission is to provide the world with a truly unique experience that can be only be found here, and nowhere else in the hemp industry. Through our flowers and our extracts, we are committed to bringing you the purest and highest Full Spectrum experience ever curated.

What do we do?

We proudly offer organically grown, all-natural, lab-tested Full Spectrum flowers and extracts. The goal has always been to use the vast knowledge and experience accumulated and apply it as the new true standard for the hemp industry. Possessing a passion for growing, extraction and infusion of the highest quality, providing you with the most unique products available. All our flowers and extracts are strain and cannabinoid specific, making sure that when we promise you results; we always deliver. We offer J's, loaded J's, blunts,1/8th's, hashish, diamonds, shatter, badder& budder just to name a few. Please find our whole selection of flowers and extracts in our store! Are you just looking to relax on the couch? Get a good nights sleep? Maybe take a stroll through nature? Meditate? Or are you truly seeking a viable alternative remedy for many other real conditions and ailments? We have it all.